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No 10 – Januari 2003




1.        Novel Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors (HDACIs) - Potential Clinical Uses

2.        Novel Photoactive Drugs for Tumor Detection and Treatment

3.        The  development of modern  treatment  protocols  for patients  suffering  from  metastatic  melanoma

4.        A New Efficient Cannabinoid Antiemetic in Pediatric Oncology

5.        Novel brachytherapy treatment of prostate and breast cancers, brain tumors and gynecological tumors

6.        Treatment of Cancer and/or Lipid Storage Diseases by Novel, Synthetic Compounds that Modify Sphingolipid Metabolism

7.        Anti cancer vaccine using monoclonal antibody

8.        New potent inhibitors of metalloproteases for the treatment of tumor angiogenesis and metastasis

9.        Clinical studies in cancer immunotherapy

10.     Novel phosphonates ainhibitors of p-glycoproteins for the Reversal of Multidrug Resistance (MDR) in huma

11.     Targeted therapy with conjugates of alliinase

12.     A novel tool for diagnosis of unbalanced immune response in cancer, immune and infectious diseases

13.     Chemotherapy based cancer drugs - peptide based drug delivery systems

14.     Exploration of the anti-neoplastic utility of a novel oncolytic adenoviral vector encoding an IL-6/sIL-6R fusion protein

15.     Regulation of granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor (gm-csf) activity

16.     A new combination therapy for cancer cells

17.     Chlorophyllase Gene and Recombinant Protein and Their Use in Medicine, Pharmaceutics, Agriculture and Molecular Genetic Markers



In the News:

1.     Local start-up claims development of revolutionary new cancer treatment

2.     Novel Drug Developed by Bar-Ilan University Professor Shows Promise in Advanced Clinical Trials for Treatment of Lung Cancer

3.     Stopping breast cancer in its tracks

4.     Intel unveils new Israeli-made PC chip

5.     Researchers produce heart tissue from fetal stemcells




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Tel Aviv university has published the EOI's for the Sixth Framework on the web, and invites interested partners from the Netherlands (academy and industry) to join the consortia being formed. Contact can be made directly with the coordinator of each group or with the EU liason Office at the address on the web site: EOI's for the Sixth Framework



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