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No.14 – June 2003



1.      The Use of Yeast Strains to Reduce the Production of Fusel Oils (High Alcohols) in Alcoholic BeveragesI

2.      A process for using acetohydroxyacid synthase (AHAS) for preparation of chiral ά-hydroxyketones

3.      Cellular Dry Macro Capsules

4.      A biological process for growing biomass in half-liquid mycelium media

5.      Expression Systems for the Production of Proteins

6.      Development and manufacture of biologically active, natural products isolated from microorganisms

7.      Production of Carotenoids (Including the Ketocarotenoids Astaxanthin and Adonixanthin)using a Novel Carotenoid-Secreting Bacterial Species

8.      Natural agricultural biotechnology products based on natural microorganisms using fermentation and formulation capabilities

9.      A novel Technology for Extraction and Separation Using Critical Solution Mixtures

10.   Developing and commercializing new bio-agriculture products using fermentation and formulation capabilities

11.   Production and Development of Poultry Vaccines using improved fermentation methods

12.   Development of ultrastable enzymes



In the News:

1.      Crucell and Kimron Veterinary Institute Sign License Agreement for West Nile Veterinary Vaccine

2.      Teva expands role in biotechnology

3.      Tel Aviv University grants Dan David Prize

4.      New method for manufacturing compounds with industrial, medical potential




Tel Aviv university has published the EOI's for the Sixth Framework on the web, and invites interested partners from the Netherlands (academy and industry) to join the consortia being formed. Contact can be made directly with the coordinator of each group or with the EU liason Office at the address on the web site:

EOI's for the Sixth Framework



Coming up in the next Bulletin (No.15 – July 2003):

New projects in Fertility.


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