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No.15 – July 2003



1.      Modulation of sperm activity in fertility and contraception

2.      Hydrocolloid coating of cells

3.      Sperm chemotaxis and thermotaxis: applications to diagnosis, treatment of infertility, and contraception

4.      Accurate, non-invasive, predictor and indicator of fertility

5.      Instrumentation for sperm analysis and intrauterine insemination procedures

6.      Infertility diagnostic system

7.      The potential use of a muscle relaxing protein

8.      Human fertility treatment

9.      Long acting Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) analogs

10.   Sperm quality analyzers

11.   Drugs for infertility treatment



In the News:

1.      Unborn may aid fertility

2.      Rosetta Biosoftware and Agilent Technologies Announce Licensing Agreement with the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre

3.      Israel to Build World's Largest Solar Power Plant





Speciaal voor onze lezers organiseert Agro Reizen ism de Ambassade van Israël en El Al Israel Airlines twee zeer aantrekkelijk geprijsde reizen naar de Agritech in Tel Aviv.

Er is een 4-daagse vliegreis ( v.a. € 675,- p.p.)  met vertrek op 14 sept. waarbij 2 dagen deze vakbeurs wordt bezocht en er is een 8-daagse reis ( v.a. € 995 p.p.) van 14 – 21 september waarbij na de twee dagen beursbezoek er op de vierde tot de laatste dag een interessante rondreis met een aantal boeiende agrarische èn toeristische excursies wordt gemaakt. Uitgebreide informatie over beide reizen kunt u verkrijgen bij Agro Reizen, tel. (026)3512087 of per e-mail



Tel Aviv university has published the EOI's for the Sixth Framework on the web, and invites interested partners from the Netherlands (academy and industry) to join the consortia being formed. Contact can be made directly with the coordinator of each group or with the EU liason Office at the address on the web site: EOI's for the Sixth Framework




Ramot / Tel Aviv University

Yissum / The Hebrew University

Yeda / Weizmann Institute

Rad-Biomed Incubator


Bar Ilan University

Ben-Gurion University





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New projects in Bio Medical Engineering

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Agritech Israel  2003

15-18 September 2003, Tel Aviv,  Israel

Twee aantrekkelijke reizen naar Agritech 2003

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Life Sciences Café

New Technologies in Biomedica

18  September 2003, The Hague, The Netherlands

14.00-17.00 : Presentations by 5 Israeli companies specialized in: oral drug delivery, drug target discovery, bioreactor, herbal medicine, and viral therapy of cancer.

17:00 Café : Personal meetings can be arranged with the companies in the morning and other times upon request

To receive the profiles of the companies and to call for reservations call Optin at +31-70-3643260 or email us at


Biotech Roadshow 2003

23 September, Martini Plaza, Groningen, The Netherlands

24 September, Opposite LUMC,  Leiden, The Netherlands

25 September, WICC, Wageningen. The Netherlands




DSM Venturing

IBM Life Sciences

Tel Aviv University

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Rad-Biomed Incubator

Holland Biotechnology

WFIA / Israel Office Delft

Hoekert’s Creations

The Embassy of Israel