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No.16 – August 2003




1.      Miniature Electrochemical Diagnostic Biosensor for Analyzing Human Physiological Samples


2.      In Situ Generated Biomedical Systems


3.      Tricyclic Compounds and Their Uses As Antiarrhythmic Antifibrillatory & Defibrillatory Agents


4.      Portable adaptive self-learning weight-bearing monitors for gait rehabilitaition


5.      Monitoring Mechanical Loads within Deep Muscles to Prevent Pressure Sores


6.      SBT-Skeletal BioTechnology - a new company based on Technology developed at the University


7.      Wavelet Depulsing of Ultrasound Echo Sequences


8.      Cryosurgical units for general and minimally Invasive Treatments


9.      Effect of Ultrasound Irradiation on recovery following moderate and severe Limb Ischemia


10.   Methods, pharmaceutical compositions, oral compositions, filters and tobacco products for preventing or reducing tobacco smoke-associated injury in the aerodigestive tract of a subject


11.   Medical devices for Image Guided Therapy


12.   Medical image processing and analysis


13.   Arterial Blood Filtering and Emboli Screening


14.   The use of soluble MHC Class 1 for Identification of Peptide Antigens from Cancer Cells


15.   Magnetic Resonance (MR) technology for therapy


The Netherlands

1.    Polymer research and technology for Tissue Engineering and other (Bio)Medical applications


2.    High Throughput Screening for diagnostic purposes and Drug Discovery




1.      Starting a business in the Life Sciences: From Idea to Market


2.      BMTI in search for expanding Stem Cell research and Tissue Engineering, Neurotechnologie and Non-Invasive Diagnostics


3.      BioMedical Engineering in Israel


4.      Integrated BioMedical Engineering for the restoration of human function




In the News:

1.    Group of Jewish businesspeople to invest up to $10m in Israeli biotech


2.    Israeli scientists develop low-calorie watermelon


3.    No two noses are alike, study finds




·      Twee aantrekkelijke reizen naar Agritech 2003


·      EOI'S for the Sixth Framework





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DSM Venturing

IBM Life Sciences

Tel Aviv University

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Rad-Biomed Incubator

Holland Biotechnology

WFIA / Israel Office Delft

Eden’s Creations/ Hoekert

The Embassy of Israel






World Nano-Economic Congress

"Where Nanotechnology and Business Meet"

8-10 September 2003,  Washington DC, U.S.A.

3-6 November 2003,  London,  England


Agritech Israel 2003

15-18 September 2003, Tel Aviv,  Israel

Twee aantrekkelijke reizen naar Agritech 2003

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Biotech Roadshow 2003

23 September,  Martini Plaza, Groningen, The Netherlands

24 September,  Opposite LUMC,  Leiden, The Netherlands

25 September,  WICC,  Wageningen. The Netherlands


Genomics Momentum 2003

27 November 2003,  Amsterdam,  The Netherlands


8th European Symposium on controlled Drug Delivery

7-9 April 2004, Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands




Ramot / Tel Aviv University

IRC / Senter

Yissum / The Hebrew University

BMTI / TU-Twente

Yeda / Weizmann Institute

Rad-Biomed Incubator



Bar Ilan University

Ben-Gurion University