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No 08 - November 2002



1.        Anti cancer vaccine using monoclonal antibody

2.        A novel tool for diagnosis of unbalanced immune response in cancer, immune and infectious diseases

3.        Synthetic genes and their products for potential immune-specific therapy of autoimmune diseases

4.        Developing vaccines and gene targeting vehicles

5.        Clinical studies in cancer immunotherapy

6.        Novel chimeric pharmaceuticals based on human monoclonal antibodies

7.        Cell therapy for autoimmune disease and transplantation

8.        Autoimmune diseases

9.        A novel a subunit vaccine composed of liposome-encapsulated

10.     Gene expression of immunoregulatory proteins as indicator of immune response

11.     Mucosal immunization for viral infections

12.     Neuro-immune interactions

13.     Micro-array technology for monitoring a global state of an immune system

14.     Development of recombinant edible vaccines for veterinary purposes

15.     Therapy for autoimmune diseases

16.     Recombinant fragments of the human acetylcholine receptor

17.     Vaccines for oral immunization against infecting agents

18.     Superantigen toxin antagonist and vaccine

19.     Systemic lupus erythematosus:? a new diagnostic testing system

20.     Computational models of lymphocyte antigen receptor

21.     Use of cop 1 for the prevention of graft rejection

22.     Inactivated influenza vaccine: a novel approach ?

23.     Regulation of granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor (gm-csf) activity

24.     Effects of the immunomodulator as101 on the production of cytokines in vitro and in vivo

25.     Prevention and treatment of EAE (a mouse model for multiple sclerosis) with bacterial and viral proteins

26.     Hsp70 peptides and their uses in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases

27.     Recombinant vaccine against IBDV in poultry

28.     Rheumatoid arthritis:? developing a new therapeutic approach

29.     Therapeutic approach to rheumatoid arthritis

30.     Computational biology

31.     Regulation of pancreatic beta-cell proliferation by manipulation of expression of the p57kip2gene

32.     Regeneration of beta-cells

33.     Systemic lupus erythematosus:? a new diagnostic testing system

34.     Systemic lupus erythematosus: a new therapeutic modality

35.     Highly selective monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic, diagnostic, and research purposes



In the News:

1.     Rhein Biotech and Yissum collaborate in the development of a new Hepetitis B vaccine

2.     Local start-up claims development of revolutionary new cancer treatment

3.     Israeli scientists herald breakthrough in Schizophrenia study

4.     The Jewish mind versus Chemical Attack



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Tel Aviv University/ Ramot

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Weizmann Institute/ Yeda

Bar Ilan University

Ben-Gurion University







20-23 November 2002, Germany


11-13 March 2003, Tel Aviv,? Israel


19-22 May 2003, Tel Aviv,? Israel



Tel Aviv university has published the EOI's for the Sixth Framework on the web, and invites interested partners from the Netherlands (academy and industry) to join the consortia being formed. Contact can be made directly with the coordinator of each group or with the EU liason Office at the address on the web site:

EOI's for the Sixth Framework

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